Company Profile

Weiku Gonggong Guanxi Zixun (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Head Office:
Huaminhanzun Guojidasha 18F, Yan'anxilu 728, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
Branch Office:
Room1507, East Ocean Center, A24 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
US$1,500,000 (as of Oct 2013)
Vector, Inc. (100%)
Business Overview:
Planning and implementation of PR activities in China
Market research
Event planning and management
Chairman: Keiji Nishie
General Manager: Miyuki Itaya
CEO: Hajime Hasegawa
Auditor: Sun Jiong

CEO's Message

The Chinese market, with a background of enormous consumer power with over 1.3 billion people, has in recent years achieved rapid growth and passed even Japan's GDP to become the world's second largest economic power. Now in 2011, regardless of industry or scale, corporations worldwide are advancing into the Chinese market and, after the slump in domestic demand after the global financial crisis, a large number of Japanese companies are also entering the Chinese market.
Under these conditions, to expand efficiently in China, an original communication strategy adapted to China's unique consumption activities and media environment is necessary. To give an example, the mass media is growing in all urban areas, and an approach which is attentive to detail is essential, and as outdoor advertising and events are also developing, any PR activities must also coordinate with this. In addition, in China, which now has more than 400 million Internet users, it is also necessary to effectively make use of the message boards, blogs, social networking sites, and video sites which are even more developed than in Japan.
Using the marketing and PR know-how gained in Japan, we offer support services for expansion across all areas of China from our location in Shanghai.
We have been carrying out field research for over five years, and having taken up a large amount of work related to China, we have also come to accumulate marketing know-how. Having covered an exceedingly wide range of business activities, such as mass media-targeted PR including press tours and events, as well as all kinds of online PR to generate word of mouth, we strongly believe we can offer solutions which exceed those of even local PR firms.
As your strategic partner to expand in China, we would like to use all our power to support your success in this nation.

Name: Weiku Gonggong Guanxi Zixun (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
General Manager Miyuki Itaya

Service Offered

Service Offered

Using know-how cultivated in Japan, we have developed a range of services similar to those in Japan. We will meet all our client's needs.

Event PR

In China, the mass media is large and all cities are undergoing expansion; therefore, holding events, invitations to the press, and exposure via the news and in articles is of vital importance.

Our company can work with local businesses to do everything from the planning to implementation of events, and at the same time can manage the media from invitations to follow ups. Through this, we can create even more news about your company.

In a number of cities, we can also run caravan-style PR events.

Press Tours

In China where domestic firms and brands can be easily valued, we will prepare opportunities for the press to be exposed to your product or service, and for them to have a favorable response to it is also of high importance.

We can manage the design and planning of interesting press tours which they will want to participate in, act as a medium for negotiations with the media to use their networks, interact with them at the site, and follow up afterwards.

Mass Media PR

Taking into account the characteristics of our client company's products and services, and also the characteristics of the area they are targeting, we can select media candidates, create the press release, then negotiate and follow up on media exposure.

As we have established relationships with the local media in the main areas of China, we can generate exposure through news and articles in a wide range of places.

From universal mass media exposure agreements through to specialized contracts dealing with a specific medium, we can generate contracts to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Online PR

Focusing on the main portal and news sites in China, we can widely publicize all of our clients' news.

We have built relationships with the main local websites and can publicize your company's news through a wide range of online media.

Social Network PR

Focusing on the young, we can plan and implement an online word of mouth campaign that is necessary in China.

We offer effective plans that make use of not only portal sites, but a whole mix of message boards, blogs, social networking sites, and video sites.

Inviting popular local bloggers to events is also possible.

Information Distribution Services on Chinese Website

We can offer all kinds of services to fit the wide needs of our clients, starting with our "Chinews" service, in which we generate exposure through articles on major Chinese websites, as well as generating articles which target tourists visiting Japan, just to name a few.

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Stategic PR

As is in Japan, the use of "strategic PR" across various media, which develops key words and phrases that can be easily made into news, is expanding in China.

As is the case domestically in Japan, we offer services to develop news and information, taking into account the characteristics of our client company's goods or services, and choose media outlets which suit them.

China Market Expansion Consulting

We can offer comprehensive support services for deciding marketing research and business plans, as well as the establishment of new companies.

Using local networks, we can develop any type of business matching and human resources services, and support the target company in its early stages.